Striving to make the world a better place full of nice things to look at.

Kastner Creative began back in 2007 under the name Twist Media. It served as a creative outlet for me, Chris Kastner, with the underlying aim of one day making a living as a freelance designer. Now in my late twenties, I realised that the business name and branding didn’t really suit the kind of work I was really yearning for, and it didn’t support my wishes to encompass all the facets of creativity (e.g. sculpture and illustration) under the same banner.

I have a strong passion for making things look good and function well. I approach creativity from a logical perspective and I’m not happy with a project unless the client is happy.  I see creativity as 80% patience (so you’re able to keep going until you’re happy with something), 10% ability (actually knowing how to do it), and 10% good taste (so you know what looks good, and you are able to tell when something is finished).

I pride myself on producting an execeptional standard of work, delivered on time, and at a rate that is very affordable.

Extra measures are taken to ensure you’ll have little in the way of ongoing maintenance costs – especially in relation to the Custom WordPress Themes I develop for clients, which feature a lot of back-end user-friendly implementations of specific requirements such as custom post types and purpose-built image galleries.

My attention these days is focused toward learning more about the creative side of the online user experience, and user interface design.  Taking a love of graphic design, combining this with technical know-how in relation to web sites and more specifically building custom WordPress themes from scratch that deliver over and above the standard.

I’m based in Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria – but happy to take on work globally.

Head on over to the contact page if you’re interested in obtaining a quote or just simply finding out more about what I can do for you!

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Specialising in (by no means limited to):

Website design
Wordpress CMS
Custom WordPress Themes
Logo and brand design
Custom toys