‘Do Me! Munny’ show at Villain

I managed to get down to QV and have a look at the window exhibition at Villain today… They put the call out to the general public to submit custom Munny toys a couple of months ago and the exhibition went up about a week or two back.  It was pretty exciting to see three of my toys up in the window, thought they looked really good and the display was really well lit.  Check out a few photos I took of it above.

Looking forward to the next show they have, apparently it’ll be a proper exhibition (their last one attracted over 80 artists!).

Do Me! Munny show @ Villain

I entered a few custom toys into Villain‘s Do Me! Munny show which started earlier this month. They should be there for another week or two, so if you’re in Melbourne and looking for something to do – then head to their shop in QV (Jane Bell Lane) and have a look at the window display. I’m still yet to make it there myself but I plan on getting there this week some time with my camera and will put up some photos then.

The toys that you can find there are the Birdman, the Yak, and the Zebra.