Stuffing My Face

I’ve just launched a new cooking/recipe site that I’m hoping to shortly enable user generated content on! Will add it to the portfolio section soon, but please check it out and let me know if you have any feedback (positive and negative are both welcome!).

Present Pod website has been launched

After a few weeks of fairly involved user interface design work – the Present Pod website first release has been launched.

Kastner Creative was approached to do all of the user experience design which included a lot of CSS, jQuery, HTML and some Python coding to produce the final product.  The site includes both an app which is hosted on Google App Engine, and a WordPress site which is skinned identically to host all the static pages and the blog.

It’s basically a wishlist site, where you can track all of your wanted items, cool finds and then distribute it to your social media network, friends, family… etc. so that people know what cool stuff to buy you!  There is a lot of functionality still to come… so stay tuned.

All you need to access it and make use it is a Facebook account (we may look at expanding that in the future to include other networks)…. and it’s free!  So go on, log in – have a play around and send us some feedback using the form that’s on the left hand side of every page… we’ll take all suggestions on board for future releases.

Update: Present Pod has now been added to the portfolio.

Designers vs Coding

Frank Chimero has posted up a very interesting article on his blog (via Frank) concerning the argument for designers to learn code. It’s interesting in this day and age that it’s still so necessary to have a decent level of technical know-how to be able to build a website. Adobe’s Muse software is taking some significant steps towards changing that… it’ll be interesting to see how more user-friendly methods for web development will change the face of the web as we know it.


If you’ve got the time time to give me some new feedback for the website, new name, or the rebranding of Twist Media… I’d love to hear from you.  Either put your comments here, or send me an email.